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  • So ladies, if you find yourself tired, lacking motivation, battling health issues, fighting sugar cravings, dealing with crazy hormonal fluctuations, and struggling to keep up with the daily demands that come along with being a wife, a mother, a daughter, a boss/employee, etc., etc., what are you waiting for? This is YOUR time! This can be the day that you decide to put yourself first and start taking the steps to live the life that is beautifully and authentically yours! Please allow us to come along the journey with you and witness this transformation! Click below to learn more.

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So, after laying off of pure sugar, added caffeine and adding vegetables with each meal, I have so much more energy. I have also been taking the entire set of AB supplements and my mood, my mental sharpness, my fatigue and my energy levels have all improved.


There's still some discomfort when it comes to going to the bathroom because of the cleanse and the sporadic times that my body needs to go. But overall I have accomplished so much since changing my habits per Misty's guidance.


I'm very happy. During this time of covid-19, this is the perfect time to do a cleanse since you never know when you're going to have to go. I'm so excited for spring!

E. Simms

Stay-At-Home Mom

Misty revitalized, encouraged and motivated, in a way that continues to impact me. What mattered most was the accountability. Each Monday, I communicated how much weight I had lost to her, and recorded it also on my calendar. Monday was a strategic day to record weight, as a result, I rarely had missteps on the weekends. My morning routine consisted of 4:30am, with meditations {45 minutes}, outdoor walks {approximately 45 minutes} and swimming laps for 45 minutes, 3-5 days a week, became an excellent addition to my routine. I took my vitamins, minerals and prepared my daily protein drink. 


During the day, I ate whenever I was hungry, but I never went over 2 hours without eating. I refrained from consuming any coffee, sugar, bread, dairy and absolutely no fried foods. I did not eat anything after 6:00p.m. What also worked were the meal preps, which I prepared on Mondays, and placed in my meal prep containers. If I ever got hungry after my last meal, I would do one of the following: chew gum, brush my teeth, drink water, or just turn all the lights out and go to bed. Misty always talked about starting the day with a purpose, focusing on a routine that contributes to your wellness. Eating became less of my focus because she specifically allowed the emphasis to be on a quality life that would radiate and follow you for a lifetime. You would never need to cover up this type of body or life. This produces transparency and freedom in all areas of your life.

D. Wesley

Education Consultant

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